Align to your true genius, clear the energy and mindset blocks to your success, and deliver incredible UNIQUE results - creating raving fans!


High Impact

Investing in your inner Alignment for success is top priority.   When you have full clarity about your business, everything changes.  You will discover opportunities previously challenging for you to see.  

Having lazer sharp business direction and focus, will create fast momentum and more meaning in your business.  Being about to connect deeply to this vision means you create an IMPACT with certainty, power and pleasure - taking up your position in the marketplace - beyond competition.  When you are working in this space, you begin to understand why competition doesn't exist. 

High Performance

Understanding your unique blueprint for success means you can perform at your best, sustainably.  Strategy and systems only take you part of the way.  You need to work on mindset, and most importantly your energy - which are the signals you are sending out about yourself and your ability to deliver.  Being in Alignment with your bigger game, and clearing the unconscious blocks preventing you from 'getting there' means you can increase your personal capacity and energy and live a life of higher performance with far less effort. 

Quality Clients

When you are in Full Alignment with your unique success design, you attract the type of clients you do your best work with.  Firstly your ideal client yesterday maybe a limitation on your 'ideal tomorrow'.  Staying in Alignment with your biggest Vision is key to creating the clients who will help you bring that into reality.  Being clear on the benefits and the results of your niche contribution is the magnet for the quality of clients who you can serve to the highest degree.  This creates a powerful and sustainable business that is always in expansion. 


Self-doubt is always within you in Business, but there is also courage.   And there is always a choice between the two.  Rational thinking, mindset and positive thinking are not enough.  You need to ignite your inner sense of self-love and acceptance, no matter what decisions you are to make, and how your decisions have gone in the past.  Your past results are not a reflection of the possibilities that lie ahead of you, when you embrace your courage and self-approval.

Powerful Shifts

Creating change in your life and business can take time.  But with the processes that we use in this Coaching style powerful shifts happen spontaneously through the innovation of Business Kinesiology.  We can safely navigate the inner blocks and release stuck limiting beliefs and barriers, embracing a new level in business Leadership.  The results pay dividends.  

Prosperity Paradigm

Aligning aspirational thinking to tangible planning creates a life you LOVE to look at.  Being clear on your financial goals, and allowing bold dreams to come into reality, is the fuel to thinking big.  This prosperity paradigm can take you on the journey to your best imagined future, and allow you to step into a higher level of performance and potential doing so.  Thinking from the level of abundance is a total gift.  For you and for the world you serve. 


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Iconic Michael Sheargold - Coach, Speaker and CEO of Real Estate Results Network

One of Australasia's most respected Business Coaches and Performance Experts talks about working with  Jen Cudmore.

Highly Successful On-line Guru - Denise Duffield-Thomas, money mindset mentor

“Jen's a valuable part of my team to help me move through the emotional ‘stuff’ around entrepreneurship and to help me think bigger as a leader. We meet regularly to test out new ideas and concepts, identify invisible blocks and sabotages, and clear everything holding me back from living my full potential. I recommend Jen to any leader wanting to make a big impact in the world!”

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High Performing Real Estate Agent - Kylie Segedin - Bronze, Silver, Gold Medalist

I was so excited and could not wait to share the news of my awards with you—wow we have come a long way together... since working with you I have gone from a bronze to a gold award plus lots of other little accolades along the way. With all this, I have never felt so in flow and relaxed about my love of real estate and the daily pleasure and honor it brings me helping people through their transitions in life through my work. - 

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