Flow Coaching

This is group bi-weekly Energy & Mindset Resets and Upgrades in Alignment with your Unique Success Design. This is for Business Breakthrough graduates only.  

Clearing what's up now  PLUS Hidden Sabotage
Identifying and collecting sabotage that is active in your life and business and clearing the way for your next level.

Clearing what's up now PLUS Clearing Money Survival Subconscious Programming
Upgrade prosperity thinking and step into a new level of money making ability and clarity. Owning it.

Clearing what's up now  PLUS Self healing releasing power
Healing some pain blocking true relationship with Self, so new ideas and energy can some through, bringing with it new power.

Clearing what's up now PLUS  freedom from bad memories and unhealthy connections. 
Sometimes not matter how much work you have done on an issue, it just doesn't seem to shift. Going deeper and unpacking these issues and clearing the chords holding your identity in this place can make all the difference.

Clearing what's up now PLUS what to sa

Clearing what's up now Plus  Money Money Money
Clearing money blocks and up grading prosperity paradigm.

Clearing what's up now PLUS DNA imprints and programs and tendencies
Further shifts and clarity, freeing the soul and lifting the ceiling on your success by further processing the issues deep in your DNA. Sometimes new layers come up in the family line that need to be checked in on and released.

Clearing what's up now PLUS physical, mental, emotional realignment reset
Resetting your energy so you have your star qualities in place. This is an adjustment that you do physically with your body, that can shift daydreaming, fantasy, depression, and other people perceptions of you, so you are SHINING.