The Top 5 Blocks

                 There are 5 things that effect everyone, every single day.   

1. priceless Confidence

2.  Childhood Wounds

3. Inherited Beliefs

4. Relationship Power

5. Self Image




Breaking through into a new paradigm is difficult when you don't know what is holding you back.  Find out exactly what is stopping you from being your best.   When you are struggling to step into a new paradigm of creativity and prosperity, it can feel impossible knowing how to get there.  And you may try to do it intellectually instead of from the inside out.  Doing it intellectually is not sustainable and you can quickly lose confidence or have 'shiny object syndrome', this is not sustainable and you can easily lose credibility.    Understanding the principles that you have the capacity to create your own reality can help you make a quantum shift.  The bigger you dream, the bigger the magnetism you will create to getting there. 

"After working with Jen I have seen great leaps and bounds in my productivity and clarity about my business. Highly recommended"  Robert Coorey, On-line Marketing Guru, MBA Best selling author, Feed A Starving Crowd.



Your emotional 'software' is downloaded when you are a child, and often runs your life.  Identifying and clearing this wounding can have profound effects on all aspects of your life, including your intimate relationships and your relationship with yourself and your full potential.   Having experiences from childhood can dictate how you see the world now.  You can have stories in your head and values instilled by parents and other family members that no longer serve you, and you are haunted by them like they are your own truths.  This can create a contraction in the way you see yourself and view the world.  Plus it is highly toxic and can affect autoimmunity.  For example is you are hating your mother or father,  you are unconsciously rejecting yourself on a cellular level as you have shared DNA, that is why it is the most densest energy in the world!  Forgiving and releasing your parents is the key to longevity and sense of belonging and peace. 



We all have inherited data (epigenetics) in our DNA that unconsciously controls the way we think and respond. Identifying and clearing these 'ghosts in the genes' can be truly empowering and healing, opening new frontiers of freedom you never dreamed were possible.  Sometimes you can suffer from anxiety or depression for no real reason.  This is sometimes from an inherited trauma in the family tree that can affect the way someone responds to stress.  For instance, if you had poverty and hardship in the family line, it can seem almost impossible to become a successful entrepreneur, or you can sabotage success unnecessarily.  There may be extra sensitivities around power that is not appropriate to what is happening in your life.  Your inherited beliefs are your ceiling beyond the ceiling. It is the block that is often really hard to identify. 


Find positive empowerment in your relationships. Relationships can become toxic when we get stuck feeling the same way about someone and doing the same thing over and over again.  You can actually create an 'allergy' to someone.  We all experience an array of emotions, each one of these emotions creates a different feeling within the body.  Our very perception of an experience or situation has the ultimate power as to how we will feel when it's happening.  When you clear your energy in regard to someone, it can not only free you, it also releases the other person from the tension. 


Too many people are walking around with what is called a 'turned-off' body.  Body functions like adrenal balance and blood sugar regulation have been 'switched-off' due to intense stress or emotional upheaval.   That is when you are likely to crave excessive carbohydrates, sugar, caffeine, alcohol.  Thus the vicious cycle begins, and you start to avoid exercise and 'let yourself go'.  Food intolerances can also play a role in 'switching' the body off.  Working out exactly what and when to eat is powerful, and everybody has their own unique pattern - it's never a one size fits all.

"Wow, How incredible after seeing Jen, NO sugar, no white carbohydrates - who would have thought two weeks and dropping 4 kilos.  So much more energy, feel great and what really surprised me was NO CRAVING FOR SUGAR.  It was so easy and can't believe how much better I feel, I recommend the sugar balance reset to everyone!"  Christine Hall Real-Estate Office Manager LJ Hooker