The Alignment Coaching is for Entrepreneurs and High Performers who can't afford to have a bad day.  They require a solid confidential space for transformation and clarity.  The Alignment Coaching is designed as a dynamic consistent process to clear the way forward for a shift in your career, business, relationships and health into a real feeling and expression of you loving being your best.

The Alignment Coaching is weekly sessions or sessions every 2 weeks.   It includes Skype and Face-to-Face Kinesiology Alignment sessions, plus phone and email support.  It is designed to help you, when you need it.  There are many coaching models out there where you have to 'fit' into a system, and put your issues on hold, until your coaching call is due.  This can often put you out of flow and this effects your performance, and momentum, self-esteem and results.  This Platinum program is for people who truly want to move forward.  

This intimate one-on-one Coaching is an intense discovery of who you are and what your potential is.  It is perfect for people who are aching to make a quantum shift and need to have that space held for them, as they transcend limited thinking and old patterns without sabotaging or thinking 'small' again. The Flow Partnership offers a totally unique strategy for making a quantum shift towards infinite possibilities. 

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"My first appointment with Jen was an experience I will never forget.  I instantly felt different after just one session and knew I was on to a really good thing.  I was so inspired by the results I was experiencing - the clarity, the confidence, the freedom to enjoy being a 'better me'.  I couldn't wait to get my team to go and see her.  I can not recommend Jen enough, she is a truly beautiful person and the benefits of our sessions are paying dividends."  Lara Allport  Director - The National Grid - Design Distillery