A Weekly Reset Opportunity - Out of Fear and Into Success



Classes begin January Wednesday 9th at 12pm - 12.45pm Sydney time (Tuesday 5pm PST USA)

And will be on at the same time EVERY WEEK.

Your emotions and mindset are key to your success. When you are positive and in a pro-active state, everything flows, opportunities present themselves, and you serve your clients at a much higher level.

But how do you stay ahead of the game when those fears inevitably creep in and you find yourself, overwhelmed, second-guessing your value, or being completely thrown off track by personal issues, or a business ‘crisis’ that takes the wind out of your Sales?

  • Fears about cash flow

  • Team issues and conflicts

  • Lack of clarity on business direction

  • Ego and power struggles

  • Personal relationships issues that tax you emotionally

  • Feeling lost and overwhelmed

  • Lack of new ideas and direction

  • Feeling left behind or irrelevant

  • Sales confidence

The longer you leave yourself in a state of fear or negativity the worse things can become! And this can cost you not just your confidence but money too. In the world of business …

Confidence = Cash

In this weekly RESET platform/class, I will be using the magic of Business Kinesiology to help you identify and clear the toxic emotions and attitudes that you need to transform RIGHT NOW into a positive mindset and energy, so you have the power to turn any entrepreneurial situation around and take charge of your destiny again, in the best possible way.

We will clear some of the toxic emotions and memories you may have stored up inside, that are in the way of you seeing things differently, coming up with new solutions, or feeling positive about your ability to succeed.

  • This is for you if you are serious about taking your business and your leadership to the next level.

  • This is for you if you are willing to be vulnerable and really take a look at yourself, and take ownership of your energy and mindset as one of the biggest influencers of your success.

  • This is for you if you are resourceful and willing to take responsibility for your situation.

    This Clearing every week will help keep you in momentum, clearing the fears and resetting your attitude and your energy (nervous system and brain pathways) so you can get back on track for success. Using the innovative transformative Kinesiology techniques I offer, you will be able to RESET and get back on track with grace and ease!

This is not designed as Coaching. Click on this link - for my in-depth Coaching Programs

This is not a ‘share all’ group call, (though there will be opportunity for interaction) and you can discretely attend Live or watch the recording in your own time - perfect for Entrepreneurs at any level!

Here’s what some people have to say about the process …

“It's working! Just got a much-needed payment and a new coaching client!”

“Just did the replay and even though it was a week later you picked up a line which resonated so deeply with me today "mixed up about my own value." Great clearing techniques too. Thank you Jen Cudmore”

“Just watched the replay, very powerful. Lots of tears and realisations. A Pandora’s box moment for me. X”

“Thank you Jen I just listened in and cleared some old stuff from 32 that’s long been buried but was really impactful.”

“Jen thank you for this! I watched the replay just now and it was extremely helpful, as always”

“Jen I shifted so much from age 31, love this”

“Thank you, you are amazing, 22 was when I decided to shield myself from loving too much and being open to being loved unconditionally .. whoops lol”

(pricing will be going up, and anyone joining at this price now - will remain at this price)

This is a subscription and your credit card will be charged every month unless you cancel. There are no refunds. The recordings will be available for 2 weeks so you keep momentum and don’t get behind on your inner work. All participants are responsible for their own results.