about jen cudmore

entrepreneur energy and Mindset coach

and best-selling author of

entrepreneurship - the inside game.  

Jen helps Entrepreneurs become experts in their field standing out as valuable and increasing their income by monetising their expertise,  genius and gifts.

With 14 years and thousands of hours of experience as a Kinesiologist and Coach, Jen is an expert at navigating the ‘inside game’ to success, clearing fearful patterns and limiting beliefs and finding the most aligned, most powerful individualised plan to success.

Jen Cudmore works internationally with Entrepreneurs, Coaches and High Impact Leaders who need to be on their best game, at all times. She has always been intrigued by what Leaders can achieve ‘outside the box’ when they are in full alignment with their highest potential and Unique Success DNA™.   

"There is only one you.  And you are called to love who you really are, and that is the seed that flourishes to become your greatest good in the world"  Jen Cudmore

Engaging with your unique blueprint for success, and playing to your strengths - many of the inner blocks dissolve.  And this not only transforms you, it has an effect on everyone you come in contact with - creating a paradigm shift to new opportunities and possibilities.

With a background in Advertising and Marketing, copywriting and Film and Television, she also understands the pressure of high performance environments and skilled delivery of original ideas, products and services. 

Intrigued by high impact positive Entrepreneurship,  Jen is deeply immersed in learnings and concepts and the universal principles related to thorough growth and impact and the psychology of fears and how that plays out in the business arena. 

"When you get Clear, you tap into your own unique infinite possibilities and that impact can be felt across the globe"  Jen